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Are you tired of your Amalgam fillings? Do they not match the rest of your teeth? Amalgam fillings are a dated technique that are slowly being phased out of dentistry. They have numerous disadvantages besides not matching the natural color of your teeth, they do not bind strongly and they require larger than normal excisions of health tooth structure.

For all of these reasons and more you should look into having them replaced with newer composite fillings. Composite fillings are the better alternative to amalgam fillings. They bind strongly to tooth structure and are made in a variety of shades and colors, which allow them to match the rest of your teeth. Luckily your local dental practice,San Dimas Family Dentistry, is well-versed in composite fillings. Dr. Sawabini and staff have been serving San Dimas and the surrounding community for over 15 years. Dr. Sawabini attained both his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Southern California. And, is a member of the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society and American Dental Association. His practice is a full-service dental practice providing everything from teeth cleanings to root canals and implants. His staff will make you feel welcomed from the minute you open the door and provide you with a great experience. So, what are you waiting for? Call San Dimas Family Dentistry today at (909) 599-3398 and schedule your appointment today!